Listening and Reading Comprehension

Books are a wonderful tool for teaching and reinforcing language concepts and skills for any child. AnyBook™ reader allows you to modify a book to pare down the language or focus on a concept to read that book on their own. This can be very motivating for a child synching the auditory and bridging the gap of comprehensive problems that are often not seen.



Before children can read independently, they need emergent literacy skills. Reading expands their vocabulary for easier comprehension and interaction with others.


Phonics skills

Reading independtly, children often struggle with phonetic awarness. With AnyBook™, children now understand that words are made up of smaller sounds.


Word recognition

Word recognition become automatic with repetitive pairing of auditory and sight.


Book and Print Basics

Drawing attention to pictures and associating words with both pictures and real-world objects, your child will learn the importance of language. A child’s early experience with sound is apparent before they even notice the existence of printed words on a page. Reading aloud stimulates their imagination and expands their world of understanding. Reading with your children on a regular basis sends an important message – reading is worthwhile. With AnyBook™ , hectic lives are no longer an issue! Read any time and anywhere with AnyBook™.

Special Needs

AnyBook™ reader can be used in so many ways for learners with special needs.

  • use with manual communication boards as a mid-tech AAC device
  • use with visual schedules or task strips as a prompting device
  • use with social stories as a means of independent access to text for non or early readers
  • use with a cookbook to read recipes
  • use to say the Pledge of Allegiance
  • use for sequencing activities - be it math, phonemes or story sequencing
  • use to label colors for those with visual impairments
  • use to record messages from home to school and back